ICD 9 On the Go

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One of the most useful and successful ICD9 mobile app on the AppStore.
Complete implementation of ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes, all of them updated to 2012 effective October 1, 2011.


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Key Features

  • Powerful search engine.

  • Friendly and easy to use interface.

  • Universal for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

  • Search on your favorites list.

  • Share any code by email.

  • Multiple orientation support on iPhone and iPod Touch, use the application in landscape or portrait.

Some user reviews

Very useful

I use this app frequently. Well organized, easy-to-use, worth the investment.

by rkslp - Version 1.2.3 - Apr 8, 2012,

Great app!!

The search feature is great. Start typing and options appear. The text box will even autocorrect words for you. Submitted a question to customer service and the reply was prompt and informative. This app is worth the cost. I don't even bother with the cumbersome book any longer.

by Medical provider - Version 1.2.3 - Feb 22, 2012,


Very easy and useful. Use it more than book and ehs resource since so easy. Wish you had an app for CPT codes.

by Craftymd - Version 1.2.3 - Nov 18, 2011,

icd9 on the go

this app is awsome. convienent acd accurate. can buy fewer of the big book

by jjk49 - Version 1.2.3 - Jan 26, 2012,


Love this app! I use it all the time writing reports. The favorites menu is handy for frequently used codes.

by Therapy1 - Version 1.2.3 - Nov 27, 2011,

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